You’ve Found The Perfect Candidate – Now Let’s Do a Reference Check

May 18, 2017
You’ve Found The Perfect Candidate – Now Let’s Do a Reference Check

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Well, you ‘think’ you have found the perfect candidate! How do you now get the Real Story on that candidate’s  history before you make an offer?

Committing to a new hire is a big deal, both in management time and money. You need to get it right!

Whether you’re hiring hourly employees or corporate leaders, you’ve spent money and hours to recruit, assess, and interview many (or most) of your qualified candidates. Before you extend an offer to the top contender, you need to be sure you’ve got the best match for the job.

This is where many hiring managers/HR Recruiters spend hours playing telephone tag doing Reference Checking. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do this with a couple of clicks? Plus, move this highly predictive process early in your candidate filtering, rather than the last thing you do? Employment history has always placed the reference check been the last piece in the puzzle because it is so labour intensive!

Online reference checking is now using the same scientific logic as psychometric assessments to dramatically improve reference checking outcomes. This technology is helping recruiters get faster, more job specific, not to mention highly predictive reference checks.

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