How to Assess Candidates Faster, Easier and Cut Costs – Discover On Demand Video Interviewing.

March 31, 2015
How to Assess Candidates Faster, Easier and Cut Costs – Discover On Demand Video Interviewing.

In the recent past, many companies looking to recruit were forced to use conventional methods of written applications and face to face interviews. If they were pursuing candidates from other geographical areas they would need to use telephone interviews, or time consuming Skype interviews. This is a highly inefficient use of time encouraging Hiring Managers to rush through the process. In many cases this would lead to hiring a “horror story” and costly exit strategies. Internet technology has introduced a number of ways to reduce recruiting time, cut costs and get better hires.

Pre-Screening Candidates

Pre-Screening is an excellent strategy for reducing applications down to a number of suitable candidates; pre-screening can confirm basic information such as skills and experience and verify any qualifications. Pre-screening can usually be done independently and therefore has a greater degree of flexibility to accommodate different time zones.

The Prevue Applicant Tracking System (APS) is a recommended pre-screening platform that can collect job applications, assess potential candidates via employee profiling and communicate with candidates through mail merged email templates. Short listing candidates through APS is automated via use of job specific screening questions and candidate profiling against job specific benchmarks.

To further select out, we recommend a phone interview to assess communication skills, validate weaknesses seen in the assessment, gaps in the application, plus critical job related questions. This process can be tedious and very time consuming. However, this can also be automated by substituting the phone interview with on demand video interviews. Invitations are sent off the APS platform to invite candidates to complete video interviews in their own time frame, or clients can choose to use the video interview platform as a stand alone option.

Video Applications and Screening Interviews

Video interviews can be customised to produce a standard range of job specific set questions. These questions can give an insight into the knowledge, skills and experience of the applicant(s) and how they react. This is because a video interview is more spontaneous than a written application. The applicant doesn’t really have time to research or ponder the issue before answering. It also gives you an insight into the true personality and abilities of the applicant, which would fail to be highlighted in a written submission.

Reactions to issues can be noted and the candidate assessed for how they would fit into the culture of your company. For example, you asked why the candidate has a desire to work for your company, or why they (or did they) want to leave their current employment; if the applicant responds appropriately, they are more likely to be a good fit into your work environment.

The other time saving feature of video interviews is that candidates can attend to these in their own time without your involvement. Further more, once submitted, these videos can also be viewed by any managers involved in the hiring process in their own time frame. Mangers can individually type in notes and rate on a 5 star scale each interview aiding the selecting out process in a fast, efficient manner.

So Is the Face-To-Face Interview Dead

The short answer is, “No”. Treat the video interview as a replacement for the first candidate contact, be this a telephone interview, or as many managers do, a meet and greet chit chat. The latter is dangerous and open to emotional hiring decisions. We recommend the video interview as an inexpensive ($45 each – less for volume and unlimited usage licences), simple and quick process to shortlist candidates for the main panel interview. Using a pre screening video interview can ensure your main interview list is small and that those attending are qualified for the role leaving cultural, or person fit being the final adjudicator.

Let Technology Be Your Friend 

The recruitment process is evolving with technology development, so it is important that businesses take advantage of these new developments. This can allow hiring manager and HR departments to make better use of their time and talents. Structuring the recruitment process and building in strong pre screening tools will speed up placement, avoid bad emotional hires and cut recruitment costs, and surely this is the ultimate goal of the recruitment process. New Internet technology makes this a reality.

Authors:  Craig Brown – Interview Rocket and Rob McKay – AssessAdvantage

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