Why Are Traditional Hiring Interviews So Unreliable?

November 22, 2017
Why Are Traditional Hiring Interviews So Unreliable?

This is a Podcast – 9.5 Minutes

Why do employees – hired by the same methods, doing the same job, and managed by the same person – perform so differently? Dependency on the traditional one-on-one unstructured interview is a prime reason.

Besides being the most expensive tool (management time) in the selection process, the unstructured interview is also the least valid – between .05 and .15 – so at best you’ll get it right one out of every six interviews. The structured interview jumps validity to between .40 and .60 – much better, but still the toss of a coin.

Traditional interviewing practices are historically and scientifically proven to be poor predictors of success on the job. Why?

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