Are You Still Flogging a Dead Horse?

October 7, 2016
Are You Still Flogging a Dead Horse?

This is a Podcast – 6 Minutes

Every week I talk to organisations who are struggling with their recruitment process (usually there isn’t one!), trying to avoid hiring their next personal grievance.  Or, others who are trying to manage their way around a couple of non-performers or extremely difficult employees (they originally hired the wrong person!).

I love these challenges, because the recommended courses of action are easy, inexpensive and get results! However, in many cases these organisations find it difficult to move to a new direction. They continue to whip the same old dead horse.

I was bemoaning this common frustration to my friend Rodney Dawson – a performance management expert and he concurred with this “organisational procrastination”. He shared with me his thoughts based on the teaching of an American Indian tribe.

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