More Scientific Proof of the Benefit of Using Employee Assessments

October 8, 2017
More Scientific Proof of the Benefit of Using Employee Assessments

This is a Podcast – 12.30 Minutes (You can download the referred academic paper from the link below) 

Here at AssessAdvantage, we are often asked to explain why the Prevue Assessment, that measures General Mental Ability, Interest/Motivation and the Big Five personality traits, is one the best available measures of job fit to identify the best job applicants.

Although we provide in-depth technical documentation to support the validity, reliability and fairness of the Prevue Assessment, we can now back up our support information with an excellent paper written by Jacob B. Hirsh from the University of Toronto entitled “Choosing the Right Tools to Find the Right People”.

Hirsh’s succinct but detailed paper confirms that using measures of General Mental Ability and the Big Five personality traits to identify “the Right People” is strongly supported by scientific research; supporting this is the acceptance of his excellent academic paper by the “The Psychologist” the prestigious publication of the British Psychological Society.

As we cannot make a case for the use of these types of assessments better than Mr Hirsh, I will quote liberally from Hirsch’s paper in this article.

You can download his fill paper from the British Psychological Sociological site at: