Prevue Assessment Upgrades – 2015

February 18, 2015
Prevue Assessment Upgrades – 2015

Prevue Assessments are celebrating their 21th anniversary by implementing two types of upgrades:

Test Administration Upgrades:
These are changes to the administration of the Assessments through and are comprised of:
1. Request test taker for gender identification when they arrive at through a self-registration facility or the Prevue Applicant Processing account.
2. Add a new test takers website that test takers can access from the home page of to view information about psychometric testing or the Prevue Assessments and review sample questions of the assessments.
3. Enhanced instructions in Mental Abilities section by adding complete example and more sample questions.
4. Require test takers to complete ALL questions in the Interests and Personality Assessments.
5. Periodically insert up to 20 new questions in Prevue Personality Assessment to develop and validate new personality questions.

Norm and Scoring Upgrades:
These changes have been implemented in and are comprised of:

Norm Upgrades:
1. Provide updated international norms for the Prevue Assessments together with regional norms for North America, the UK, Australia/New Zealand and South Africa. These are now in operation.
2. Score 20 fewer questions in the Prevue Personality Assessment. Validation still appropriate but now candidates take shorter time for completion.
3. Score the first two questions in Mental Abilities section.
4. Remove 95{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} cap on job suitability scores. You may now experience a 100{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} job fit.
5. Remove 5{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} deduction for scores that fall on a critical interview zone.

Following is a more detailed description and explanation of the upgrades. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions we’ll be happy to discuss them with you:

Gender Identification Request:
Where candidates are invited to take one or more of the Prevue Assessments through a Prevue APS account, they will be asked to identify their gender at This will enable Prevue Assessments reports to refer to the correct gender for a job applicant rather than default to the male gender, which is the current practice. If an applicant prefers not to identify their gender, they are not obliged to do so but the Prevue Selection report generated for the applicant will then default to the male gender.

Candidates Resource Center:
When a candidate logs into to take one or more of the Prevue Assessments they will be given the opportunity to visit a separate site for candidates that provides:
1. General information about testing and the purpose and use of psychometric assessments in the hiring process.
2. An outline of what the Prevue Assessments measure and how they are used by employers.
3. Sample and example questions similar to those that are provided when candidates actually challenge the Prevue Assessments at

Enhance Instructions and the Introduction to Working with Numbers (WWN):
You may have noticed that the example and sample questions that appear in the Working with Words and Working with Shapes Abilities Assessments are more comprehensive than what appears in WWN. To assure Assessment candidates are given the opportunity to do as well as they can on the WWN Assessment example and sample questions will be provided for the three types of questions that appear in WWN similar to what is provided for the other Prevue Abilities Assessments.

Complete All Interest and Personality Questions:
Currently a candidate can skip questions in completing either the Interests or the Personality Assessments and still close the Assessment by clicking on “Submit”. The system currently deems an unanswered question to be a “3” response in the Interests Assessment and as a “b” response in the Personality Assessment. This contributes to excessive “b” responses in the Personality Assessment and may cause a candidate to look more average than they really are. With this upgrade candidates will be required to complete all Interests and Personality questions before they can click on “Submit” for each of these Assessments. Should a candidate choose to exit the Assessment without answering all of the questions then the Assessment will indicate the candidate’s assessment has been “Interrupted”.

New Questions:
Additional questions are to be developed for all of the Prevue Assessments starting with the Personality Assessment. You will see new questions begin to appear in the Personality Assessment starting in the first quarter of 2013. The purpose of this upgrade is to enhance the security of the assessments by making additional questions available so candidates can be presented with different inventories of questions each time an assessment is administered.

Job Suitability Score Algorithm:
The calculation of Job Suitability scores will be amended by:
1. Removing the 95{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} cap on job suitability scores to assure top prospects are recognised.
2. Removing the 5{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} extra penalty for scores that fall on a critical interview zone. Scores falling on a critical interview zone will continue to be highlighted in the Prevue graph with an asterisk and through the presentation of Critical Interview Questions in the Selection Report and the presentation of Critical Coaching Topics in the Personal Development Report.

Prevue is a globally recognised assessment. AssessAdvantage has over 15 years New Zealand, Australian and Asian experience with this platform.
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