A recent study by the University of Toledo demonstrated that a group of interviewers had, for the most part, made up their mind within 15 seconds of meeting the candidate – that’s as long as it takes for the parties to sit down!

Hiring and retaining talent is always promoted by business leaders as the key to business success; but most managers are less “scientific” about hiring their “greatest resource” than when buying a piece of office equipment – they Continue reading

The Four Key Dimension to Measure When Hiring – Understanding the Can Do, Will Do, Able to Do & Done That

January 25, 2015

About to hire a new employee? How will you assess their suitability for the job? After over 15 years of personal observations most hiring managers go into the hiring process without any framework of assessment. For those of you who are guilty of hiring by the ‘seat of your pants’, let me give you a few helpful pointers to get you more structured.

Before starting the hiring process you need to evaluate the competencies required for the job. A competency Continue reading

Thick as a Brick

My mum was a woman of clichés, yes, I know, I am my mother’s son! When she got frustrated with people who were struggling to ‘get it’ she would always say, “Gosh, he’s as thick as a brick”. Last week was a week of dealing with “bricks”.

Two weeks ago I imported a batch of assessments from an Australian supplier. Basically a ream of paper. The goods landed in Auckland via UPS 7 days ago. I had a phone call Continue reading

5 Ways Technology Can Relieve Your Recruitment Pain

October 19, 2014

An over-supply of candidates, driven by staffing cut-backs and unhappy employees seeking new roles because of wage freezes, are continuing to cause hiring managers grief when it comes to screening applications.

Many small to medium size New Zealand companies do not have the luxury of a dedicated HR team to help them through the ‘resu-mess’ (an aphorism for a mountain of resumes/CVs). It’s impossible for busy managers to effectively screen out unsuitable candidates when the daily grind of keeping the Continue reading

The Cafe, a Coffee and a Job Interview – A Dangerous Brew

August 6, 2014

I work in a delightful complex. We have a small, efficient cafe in the middle of our office park run by a lady who has memorised the Christian name of every customer. I can’t tell you how powerful this is. I don’t care if the coffee is a bit ‘burnt’, or the sushi a bit dry.

Nothing is more uplifting than the warm personal greeting she gives me when I drop by.

I make a point of not eating at Continue reading

Resume Overload – There is a Better Way

August 6, 2014

If you were hiring around the middle of last year you were struggling to attract a “live body”. My, how times have changed. It’s a new world out there. The application pool is in flood! We’re hearing from clients that a hundred plus applications can come through for just one position.

With high unemployment and antiquated employee selection practices, businesses are caught in a vortex of too many CVs and reduced resources to manage the influx of the applications.

For Continue reading

Why Are Traditional Hiring Interviews So Unreliable?

August 6, 2014

Why do employees – hired by the same methods, doing the same job, and managed by the same person – perform so differently? Dependency on the traditional one-on-one unstructured interview is a prime reason.

Let’s first define the “Traditional Interview”…

  1. Traditional interviews are always unstructured, that is the hiring manager sits across the table from the candidate and has a general chat – often in an unstructured environment like the local coffee shop.
  1. Interview questions tend to seek opinions, not Continue reading
Can Job Candidates Fake Personality Tests?

August 6, 2014

I was ordering a book through Amazon, as part of their “up-sell” they recommended additional reading suggestions. I noticed one of the books was titled, “Ace the Corporate Personality Test”. Wow, a book for job candidates to learn how to “pass” personality tests.

The fact that a book has been published to help candidate’s fake personality tests should come as no surprise. All you need to do is search the Internet for “interview questions” or “drug testing” and you’ll get Continue reading

Would You Buy a Car Without an Engine Check?

August 6, 2014

Right off the bat, here’s this week’s tip for hiring and developing employees – If you want a high performing team, concentrate on three essential qualities:

  1. Ensure they have the technical and soft skills to do the job. 
  1. Make sure they can work well with the rest of the team. 
  1. Will the culture, responsibilities and incentives offered by your company motivate them.

In short, a candidate will be a good fit for your organisation if he or she Continue reading

Bad Attitude – Identify It, Before You Hire It

August 4, 2014

Why use psychological testing within your selection process? Isn’t this expensive? Don’t you only use these types of tests for top executive appointments? Don’t I need special training, or an Organisational Psychologist to conduct and interpret the test results?

These are common questions our team at AssessAdvantage field every day. Psychological profiling for employee selection and development has come a long way over the last 10 years. Typically, testing covers two broad areas.

The first relates to the candidates’ personal Continue reading