Computers are now really good at hiring people — but HR keeps getting in the way

November 25, 2015

This informative article  appeared in the Washington Post.

This article quotes the creator of our PeopleCLUES assessment platform, Julie Moreland. I particularly like the link in this article to research that conclusively demonstrates how people develop an irrational aversion to relying on algorithms (like employment tests) once they have one bad experience, even if the assessment(s) been proven to work most of the time. And of course, there’s the natural human fear of being replaced by a Continue reading

10 Reasons the Job Interview is a Poor Predictor Of Job Success

November 21, 2015

This is a Podcast

Welcome to Episode 5 (10 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show with Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology

Every day I see managers basing their decision to employ on what the candidate looks like Manners and Expressiveness, plus, what they can do Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Education. This is observable behaviour. What comes back to bite managers down the track is the employee’s innate behaviours – the reason job interviews are not good predictors Continue reading

Why the Traditional Hiring Interview is a Poor Predictor of Future Job Performance

November 6, 2015

This is a Podcast

Welcome to episode 4 (8 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show – Why the hiring Interview is a Poor Predictor of Future Job Performance

In this episode we start the actual hiring process by casting our net – where to find applicants.
From my experience, I see two main types of interview. The first one is the “meet and greet”. Here, the hiring manager arranges to meet the prospective candidate for a general chit-chat. The Continue reading

How to Recruit – Finding Job Applicants

August 20, 2015

This is a Podcast

Welcome to episode 3 (10 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show – How to find Job Applicants

In this episode we start the actual hiring process by casting our net – where to find applicants.

How to find suitable applicants?

There are two lazy ways to find Job Applicants: place an advertisement in the newspaper, or call up your local recruitment agency. A word of caution. You may fall victim of the “bell curve blues?” Continue reading

How to Construct a Job Analysis and Job Description – More Hiring Tips

August 16, 2015

This is a Podcast

Welcome to The Tip For Hiring Show – episode 2 – 12 minutes long.

This week we explores Step 2 of “How to Recruit” by learning how to construct a Job Analysis and from it, build a Job Description.

When you commence recruiting for a new employee. do you know what you are looking for? No good going out fishing without knowing what you want to catch – you won’t have the right gear, bait and Continue reading

How to Recruit – The 6 Most Common Problems

August 12, 2015

This is a Podcast

Welcome to my first Tips For Hiring Show (8 minutes).

A series of short and snappy podcasts on How To Recruit, a feast of Hiring Tips that I’ll be posting every week.

My mission is to help construct a bullet proof hiring system to ensure you make the best hiring decisions based on science not gut feel or emotional!

We start our first podcast with an introduction to the “science” of hiring the right person first Continue reading

The Importance of Written Communication When Hiring Sales Persons

What sales role today doesn’t require good written communication? Emails alone make up a tremendous amount of sales communication. And then there’s sales proposals. Although many organisations have these on template, most sales roles require their sales people to craft proposals for individual prospects (if only the ‘deal’ portion). The ability to craft good written communication is still a strong requirement in many sales roles.

In your previous sales hiring appointments, how did you evaluate the ability of your applicants Continue reading

Case Study – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Succession Planning Program

July 7, 2015

I’d like to share with you a case study on the National Health Service in UK that has just received a 2015 APEX Award for Publication Excellence.

National Health Service Greater Glasgow employs 38,000 employees, has 35 hospitals. They received significant results using the ASSESS Personality Development, 360 and Focus360.

This international case study really shines. It highlights the impact of our assessment solutions across the world.

Talk to Rob McKay at Assess Systems NZ for local information about ASSESS Continue reading

Generational Differences: The Newest Way To Justify A Bad Hire

June 29, 2015

A recent study of over 500,000 test results through our ASSESS competency based personality assessment challenges the conventional wisdom about differences among generations – While differences among generations certainly exist, it is competencies that matter more than a person’s age. Our paper details the key competencies exhibited by successful restaurant workers regardless of generation.

Download this White Paper HERE