Behaviour Vs Personality  Or, the Car Looks Fabulous, but the Engine is Unreliable

August 4, 2014

It’s human nature, we are all guilty of making judgments about a person based on personality. Psychologists call this, Implicit Personality Theory, or First Impression Error. Ever hear yourself or others making statements along these lines?

“Mike is so compulsive about details; he’s probably an accountant”.

“Mary’s house is perfect. Even magazines on the coffee table are placed so the spines are aligned. You can tell she is an architect”.

“A friendly, persuasive guy like Ian should be in sales. Continue reading

Best Practice Process for Filtering Candidates on PrevueAPS

July 28, 2014

The Prevue Applicant Tracking System is your one stop tool for an easy hiring process. The system is designed to help you to say goodbye to trawling through tons of applications by effectively replicating a CV and application form in one. It asks all you would want to know from a candidate in a systematic, user friendly way that will save you time, money and deliver better hires!

CVs only contain the information candidates want you to know, not the Continue reading