PeopleCLUES Upgrades 2015 – Psychometric Employment Assessment

February 18, 2015
PeopleCLUES Upgrades 2015  – Psychometric  Employment Assessment

Improvements to PeopleCLUES Assessments

Shorter Personality and Attitude Assessments

We’ve listened to your feedback and have built an assessment that still provides great information on your applicants with fewer questions! The Personality assessment is going from 70 questions to 45 questions. The Attitude assessment is going from 140 questions (all scales) to 45 questions (all scales).

Attitude Report – Improved Reporting Graphics

The reports for the shortened assessments now more closely resemble the existing Job Fit report. Hiring managers can quickly see where the applicant landed on the red/yellow/green scale and will be provided an overall score for the assessment results. The interview questions are based on an applicant self-admitting to a counterproductive behavior or attitude. There is also a brief description next to the name of each scale.

FAQ’s for new shortened Assessments in HIRE

1. Why did we make the assessments shorter?
We listened to client and candidate feedback to have a shorter assessment experience and improve the application process. We were able to reduce the amount of questions without hindering the science and effectiveness.

2. How did we choose which questions to keep?
The questions for both the Personality and Attitude assessments have been answered by over 3.3 Million people. Our Data Scientists were able to determine which questions had the highest levels of accuracy to measure the traits and attitudes, therefore utilizing those questions for the shorter versions without sacrificing quality.

3. Are the assessments still validated?
Doctors Goodstein and Lanyon have been the chief architects of these assessments from the beginning and have continued to be committed to our validation and science. We are releasing and copyrighting the technical manuals complete with the science and process we took for these new shorter assessments showing confidence in the validation process.

4. How long will the new assessments take to complete?
Personality and Attitude should take an average of 6 minutes each to complete, for a total of 12 minutes. Cognitive hasn’t changed and is still a 7 minute timed assessment.

5. How many questions are the shorter assessments going to be?
The Personality assessment is going from 70 questions to 45 questions.
The Attitude assessment is going from 140 questions (all scales) to 45 questions (all scales). The core scales (good impression, conscientiousness, hostility and integrity) for Attitude make up 27 questions, the optional scales sexual harassment, substance abuse, and computer misuse are 6 questions each.

6. Are the reports changing?
The Personality (Job Fit) report is not changing. The Attitude report is changing to look similar to the Job Fit report by changing the grey scales to red, yellow, and green bars. Red is Serious Concern, Yellow is Some Concern and Green is Low Concern. We have also added descriptive language to help explain each scale. The same behavioral interview questions will be available for each candidate to help you with the hiring process. You are provided an interview question for each question the candidate answered in a counterproductive manner.

7. Can I have the longer assessment if I want it?
No. The longer assessment is not needed since the shorter versions are still legally defensible and valid using the same science.

8. If I pull a report on a candidate that completed the assessment before the release what report will I see?
If you pull a candidate’s Attitude report that took the assessment prior to the release you will see the new report. The job fit reports remains the same.

9. Do I need to do anything to set up my jobs to use these assessments?
No. Everything will work exactly the same and you will not have to edit any of your jobs or events.

10. Why do I not receive Attitude Behavioral Interview Questions for all applicants?
If there are any responses where the applicant had a self-admitted counterproductive behavior or attitude, you will see the assessment question they responded to in that counterproductive manner followed by a behavioral interview question you can use to explore the area further during the interview. If they did not answer any questions in a counterproductive manner you will not see any interview questions below.

11. Can I see a list of the questions?
The assessment questions are proprietary information and confidential, if you need to see these for legal reasons, please contact and we will provide them to you with the assurance that they will be kept confidential among only the HR and Legal teams within your organization.


• We’re working on an Emotional Intelligence Assessment which will be ideal clients who want Management Level and post-hire Assessments
• We’re wrapping up new Technical Manuals for publication later this year
• We’re working on a new Longer Cognitive Assessment that is geared more for Management Level Screening