How to Recruit – Finding Job Applicants

August 20, 2015
How to Recruit – Finding Job Applicants

This is a Podcast

Welcome to episode 3 (10 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show – How to find Job Applicants

In this episode we start the actual hiring process by casting our net – where to find applicants.

How to find suitable applicants?

There are two lazy ways to find Job Applicants: place an advertisement in the newspaper, or call up your local recruitment agency. A word of caution. You may fall victim of the “bell curve blues?” The bell curve represents the natural distribution of anything in a population. An example could be height – 20{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} of your cities population will be tall and 20{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} will be short, the balance will be of average height. Performance in the workplace works the same way. About 20{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} of your current team will be high performers, 20{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5} low performers. The balance, 60{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5}, will be seen as average performers.

By seeking, instead of searching you may be concentrating on the bottom 20{e984e047a0cf0683b5e0a609dc9adff1ef3040909f42c61fefd344cb6b0a14a5}!

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