How to Hire and Manage Millennials

May 9, 2018
How to Hire and Manage Millennials

This is a Podcast –   18 minutes.  Sorry, no show transcript this week.

I am always on the lookout for interesting info and tips to help you in your hiring process.

Last week I read an interesting article from Dr Daniel Lake – Director of LeadCoachRelease. So rather than my dulcite tones, I have invited Dan on this podcast to speak as a subject expert about Millennials in the workforce.

Dan recently returned to New Zealand after 14 years in Europe, Asia, and the USA focused on young leaders in the not-for-profit sector. He lived in 5 countries and travelled to more than 30.

He is passionate about seeing young leaders step up and step out. Dan coaches, trains and speaks on leadership development and managing the millennial generation at Lead Coach Release.

Being an expert in the behaviour of Millennials, I thought it would be great to get him on the show to give us some insight into how we can better direct our recruitment and onboard to this dominate workforce.

NOTE – Dan can be reached through or email him at Daniel Lake at