How to Construct a Job Analysis and Job Description – More Hiring Tips

August 16, 2015
How to Construct a Job Analysis and Job Description – More Hiring Tips

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Welcome to The Tip For Hiring Show – episode 2 – 12 minutes long.

This week we explores Step 2 of “How to Recruit” by learning how to construct a Job Analysis and from it, build a Job Description.

When you commence recruiting for a new employee. do you know what you are looking for? No good going out fishing without knowing what you want to catch – you won’t have the right gear, bait and location – this same applies to hiring new employees. As the old saying goes – Preparation is paramount!

Last week’s hiring tips show, I outlined the 6 most common hiring mistakes managers make – this forms the basis for the next 5 shows as we go into more depth on ideas and strategies to prevent you falling into these traps and subsequently making a bad hire.

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