What Do Employees Really Want in a Job?

May 23, 2017
What Do Employees Really Want in a Job?

This Is A Brief Article:

I recently came across an employee survey that was conducted by authors Steve Lauer and Jack Gebhardt as part of their preparation for an HR book.  Although these results are American based, I think they are interesting and could give us some “food for thought” in respect of employee retention.  The survey was an informal one based on entry-level job positions. Here are just some of the results…

The most common reason for liking a job: respect for managers, flexible hours, and hard-working colleagues. Note, money was not a big factor.

Most common reason for not liking a job: bad management, bad working conditions and pay.  Since the pay was similar at jobs people like, one could assume that money matters more when other factors are missing.

Most common reason for choosing a current job: it was close to home.  Forget company advancement potential, and all that.  Location matters most to most employees. This is a good point when marketing for new employees.

The second most frequently cited reason was flexibility of hours.  Note: only one person out of 250 mentioned learning a trade as a reason for taking a job.

Most reasons for wanting to leave the job: a better job, more money.

What most people like best about the jobs: people, co-workers, bosses, or even customers

What most people like least about the jobs: customers! Remember we are talking entry-level positions. The number of trade’s people I have dealt with over the last few weeks attest to this result!