June 29, 2015
Generational Differences: The Newest Way To Justify A Bad Hire

A recent study of over 500,000 test results through our ASSESS competency based personality assessment challenges the conventional wisdom about differences among generations – While differences among generations certainly exist, it is competencies that matter more than a person’s age. Our paper details the key competencies exhibited by successful restaurant workers regardless of generation.

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June 9, 2015
39 Hiring Stats to Help You Win the Recruitment War!

Our go-to assessment for hiring  service industry workers is PeopleCLUES. A division of the PeopleMatter Institute.

Recently, the PeopleMatter Institute got 1,000 service-industry employers to tell them everything about their employee hiring — what they’re doing, what’s working and what’s keeping them up at night. Please take note of how many companies that employ more than 50 staff are using an online application system to cut admin cost and get better hires.

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February 18, 2015
Prevue Assessment Upgrades – 2015

Prevue Assessments are celebrating their 21th anniversary by implementing two types of upgrades:

Test Administration Upgrades:
These are changes to the administration of the Assessments through assessmentstation.com and are comprised of:
1. Request test taker for gender identification when they arrive at assessmentstation.com through a self-registration facility or the Prevue Applicant Processing account.
2. Add a new test takers website that test takers can access from the home page of assessmentstation.com to view information about psychometric testing or the Prevue Continue reading

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