May 27, 2019
Interview Questions With Some Truth Serum

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In my last blog post, I discussed the dangers of using your intuition to evaluate candidates during a traditional job interview, which has been scientifically proven to be a very POOR predictor of future job performance. Traditional job interviews tend to lead the Interviewer to select a candidate they like rather than the candidate that has the most potential.

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April 26, 2019
Ever Hired the Wrong Person? Can We Blame Your Intuition?

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For the past 20 years, I have been studying and working within the science of talent selection. My main focus has been to understand what science tells us are the best tools and procedures to use to avoid bad hire decisions?

A reoccurring theme is the poor validity of the traditional hiring interview. Despite years of scientific evidence, hiring managers are still relying on the traditional interview as the major tool Continue reading

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February 6, 2019
Do Job Candidates Lie? Do Employers Conduct Illegal Interviews?

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Some interest statistics in this new research from Seek. But some figures are surprising. Like 38% of candidates are asked illegal questions – I thought this would be higher? Although, some candidates may not understand what questions are illegal.

Also, 37% of candidates think it is acceptable to stretch the truth, but how many think it’s not acceptable, but do it.
Ah, statistics, bloody statistics! Enjoy.

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December 18, 2017
On-Demand Video Interviewing

This is a Podcast – 8 Minutes duration

The use of video interviewing has become a standard practice for many organizations, allowing them to automate their recruiting process. On-demand video interviewing is another method of evaluation that is used by many recruiters. On-demand video interviewing is known by several alternative names such as, one-way and pre-recorded. This type of interviewing is gaining traction as it saves time, standardises the interview process and can evaluate candidates much earlier in the Continue reading

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December 5, 2016
7 Tips to Building a Stronger Hiring Process

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The key to a robust hiring system is STRUCTURE. When you have a structured process, you can measure ‘apples to apples’. Unfortunately the way most managers hire is to compare ‘apples with oranges’ and they end up with fruit salad!

At Assess we specialise in a range of online hiring tools to help you build a robust recruitment program that will ensure you avoid trying to fit ‘square pegs into round holes’.

I hope our latest Continue reading

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July 24, 2016
What Are the Most Desirable Attributes of Successful Employees?

This is a Podcast – 8 Minutes  

Back in the early 90s two well respected Organisational Psychologist, Drs. David Bartram and Patricia Lindley, set out to construct a new psychometric assessment. They wanted to ensure their new tool would measure the key attributes and abilities that best identified “job-fit”. Obviously, their first question was, “What are these?”

In this podcast I outline Bartram and Lindley’s findings and their tool that enables you to reliable measure these and align them Continue reading

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March 9, 2016
The Truth Bias – How it Helps You Make Bad Hiring Decisions

This is a Podcast

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Tips For Hiring Show (7 minutes). Hosted by Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology

I am reading an interesting book by Pamela Meyer, “Liespotting, Proven Techniques to Detect Deception”. The key concept of this book is the psychological construct, the Truth Bias.

A light went on whilst reading this book. This book really helped me to understand why so many hiring managers end up selecting the wrong applicants for the job. Continue reading

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November 21, 2015
10 Reasons the Job Interview is a Poor Predictor Of Job Success

This is a Podcast

Welcome to Episode 5 (10 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show with Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology

Every day I see managers basing their decision to employ on what the candidate looks like Manners and Expressiveness, plus, what they can do Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Education. This is observable behaviour. What comes back to bite managers down the track is the employee’s innate behaviours – the reason job interviews are not good predictors Continue reading

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