August 6, 2014
Can Job Candidates Fake Personality Tests?

I was ordering a book through Amazon, as part of their “up-sell” they recommended additional reading suggestions. I noticed one of the books was titled, “Ace the Corporate Personality Test”. Wow, a book for job candidates to learn how to “pass” personality tests.

The fact that a book has been published to help candidate’s fake personality tests should come as no surprise. All you need to do is search the Internet for “interview questions” or “drug testing” and you’ll get Continue reading

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August 4, 2014
Behaviour Vs Personality  Or, the Car Looks Fabulous, but the Engine is Unreliable

It’s human nature, we are all guilty of making judgments about a person based on personality. Psychologists call this, Implicit Personality Theory, or First Impression Error. Ever hear yourself or others making statements along these lines?

“Mike is so compulsive about details; he’s probably an accountant”.

“Mary’s house is perfect. Even magazines on the coffee table are placed so the spines are aligned. You can tell she is an architect”.

“A friendly, persuasive guy like Ian should be in sales. Continue reading

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