July 24, 2016
What Are the Most Desirable Attributes of Successful Employees?

This is a Podcast – 8 Minutes  

Back in the early 90s two well respected Organisational Psychologist, Drs. David Bartram and Patricia Lindley, set out to construct a new psychometric assessment. They wanted to ensure their new tool would measure the key attributes and abilities that best identified “job-fit”. Obviously, their first question was, “What are these?”

In this podcast I outline Bartram and Lindley’s findings and their tool that enables you to reliable measure these and align them Continue reading

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June 3, 2016
What Are The Three Main Pre-Hiring Tests?

This is a Podcast – 6 minutes

According to the Aberdeen Group, the world’s leading B2B researchers and business data analysts, 2/3rds of the world’s top companies use pre-hiring assessments.

But, not all assessment (employment tests, employment profiles) have the same purpose.

In this podcast we briefly outline the top three. What they are, what they test for and when to use them

Pre-employment tests are used to narrow candidates down to evaluate the very best job fit

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November 29, 2015
Why Use Psychological Pre-Employment Assessments? How Can They Help You Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person?

This is a Podcast

Welcome to Episode 6 (8 minutes) of The Tips For Hiring Show with Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology.

In this week’s show we address the questions: Why use a psychological test within your selection process? Aren’t they expensive? Aren’t these type of testing only used for top executive appointments?  Don’t I need special training, or a Psychologist to conduct and interpret test results? These are common questions the team at AssessAdvantage field everyday. Psychological testing Continue reading

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November 25, 2015
Computers are now really good at hiring people — but HR keeps getting in the way

This informative article  appeared in the Washington Post.

This article quotes the creator of our PeopleCLUES assessment platform, Julie Moreland. I particularly like the link in this article to research that conclusively demonstrates how people develop an irrational aversion to relying on algorithms (like employment tests) once they have one bad experience, even if the assessment(s) been proven to work most of the time. And of course, there’s the natural human fear of being replaced by a Continue reading

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July 7, 2015
Case Study – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Succession Planning Program

I’d like to share with you a case study on the National Health Service in UK that has just received a 2015 APEX Award for Publication Excellence.

National Health Service Greater Glasgow employs 38,000 employees, has 35 hospitals. They received significant results using the ASSESS Personality Development, 360 and Focus360.

This international case study really shines. It highlights the impact of our assessment solutions across the world.

Talk to Rob McKay at Assess Systems NZ for local information about ASSESS Continue reading

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February 18, 2015
PeopleCLUES Upgrades 2015  – Psychometric  Employment Assessment

Improvements to PeopleCLUES Assessments

Shorter Personality and Attitude Assessments

We’ve listened to your feedback and have built an assessment that still provides great information on your applicants with fewer questions! The Personality assessment is going from 70 questions to 45 questions. The Attitude assessment is going from 140 questions (all scales) to 45 questions (all scales).

Attitude Report – Improved Reporting Graphics

The reports for the shortened assessments now more closely resemble the existing Job Fit report. Hiring managers can Continue reading

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