July 31, 2016
About to Hire? Here’s Your 4 Critical Planning Questions

This is a Podcast – 8 Minutes

Here are the four suggested areas that are critical to address when planning to hire a new employee. Obviously the job role will dictate the weight given to each, or whether assessment is need in that area at all.

Can they do it? This relates to specific job knowledge, skills, training, and education. This is learned behaviour.

How will they do it? This is innate behaviour – attitude, initiative, motivation, interests etc.

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July 21, 2016
Reference Checking Just Got Easier and Better!

This is an Article:

Still hiring like it’s 1999? Technology is speeding up the time to hire. Our on-line applicant processing platform has attest to that.
Now it time to stop playing telephone tag and take your reference checking on line. Here’s aninteresting article explains the pros and cons of reference checking. Now your reference checks can be done faster, easier and standardised. And here’s the big upside, you can now do reference checking earlier in the selection process Continue reading

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November 26, 2015
New Advanced Cognitive CLUES Tests

Breaking News

We have just released the new PeopleCLUES suite of four advanced cognitive tests. These are Verbal, Vocabulary, Numerical and Spatial – each 10 minutes, timed. There has been a continual demand for testing that is more applicable to Manager and professional roles. This complements our PeopleCLUES cognitive 7 minute test for entry level occupations.

You can download a fact sheet HERE  

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November 21, 2015
10 Reasons the Job Interview is a Poor Predictor Of Job Success

This is a Podcast

Welcome to Episode 5 (10 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show with Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology

Every day I see managers basing their decision to employ on what the candidate looks like Manners and Expressiveness, plus, what they can do Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Education. This is observable behaviour. What comes back to bite managers down the track is the employee’s innate behaviours – the reason job interviews are not good predictors Continue reading

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November 6, 2015
Why the Traditional Hiring Interview is a Poor Predictor of Future Job Performance

This is a Podcast

Welcome to episode 4 (8 minutes) of the Tips For Hiring Show – Why the hiring Interview is a Poor Predictor of Future Job Performance

In this episode we start the actual hiring process by casting our net – where to find applicants.
From my experience, I see two main types of interview. The first one is the “meet and greet”. Here, the hiring manager arranges to meet the prospective candidate for a general chit-chat. The Continue reading

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