Bad Candidate Communication When Hiring is Bad for Business

November 7, 2017
Bad Candidate Communication When Hiring is Bad for Business

This is a Podcast (7 Minutes). A transcript is available HERE 

Candidate communication is what I want to get on my high horse about. It is not only my daughter’s recent experience, but bad candidate communication is one of the pet peeves of job seekers everywhere. Apart from it being just bad manners, it surely must reflect badly on the brand image of the said organisation.

Bad candidate communication can also cost you good hires. Chances are your candidates are applying for several roles so that an outstanding person will get snapped up quickly. In my daughter’s experience, she had also put another two ‘irons in the fire’, she will likely be successful, and a big loss to the fore mentioned the company.

I am not suggesting you make instant hiring decisions based on the first person that walks in the door. Nor do I want you to be pushed into a recruitment decision by candidates that try to blackmail you into making an appointment as they have another job offer they must accept or turn down tomorrow.

You will dramatically improve candidate communication, and get better hires by using an Applicant Tracking System