Will Your Next Hire Be As Thick As A Brick?

January 8, 2018
Will Your Next Hire Be As Thick As A Brick?

This is a Podcast –  8 Minutes Duration.

Problem-solving and general learning ability have a long history of research dating back to the American Military in World War 1. General mental ability tests were developed to identify the suitability of recruits for officer training.  A proliferation of research over the last 100 years has validated general mental ability as the best predictor of future job performance, no matter what the job role. This simple, one-off test has a validity factor of around .52.

In this week’s podcast, I stress the importance of conducting a ‘problem-solving’ test on your finalists in your current hiring project. It’s simple to do and very inexpensive. But best of all, it is highly productive of future job performance.

You can download a transcript HERE