Testing Job Candidates – Personality Verses Behaviour

March 3, 2017
Testing Job Candidates – Personality Verses Behaviour

This is An Article

I am re-posting this article after yet another prospective client approached us today trying to decide between test A, or B.

My first action was to ask the test publisher (or in most cases their distributor) one important question. “Can this tool be legally defended – and will the publisher carry the weight of that defense?” Many employee profiling tools are not legally defensible.

There are many occasions were I come across organisations that are using totally inappropriate assessments for recruiting new employees. This dangerous practise is driven by a lack of understanding between two human constructs – personality and behaviour. There are literally thousands of psychometric tests available to measuring attitudes, interest, motivation, intelligence, skills, behaviour and personality.

In this week’s HR Tips Letter I want to try and explain, in lay terms, the difference between personality and behaviour, how to identify measures that represent each construct and where to use each measure.

Read/download this informative article at http://www.assess.co.nz/articles/PersonalityVsBehaviour.pdf