How to Recruit – The 6 Most Common Problems

August 12, 2015
How to Recruit – The 6 Most Common Problems

This is a Podcast

Welcome to my first Tips For Hiring Show (8 minutes).

A series of short and snappy podcasts on How To Recruit, a feast of Hiring Tips that I’ll be posting every week.

My mission is to help construct a bullet proof hiring system to ensure you make the best hiring decisions based on science not gut feel or emotional!

We start our first podcast with an introduction to the “science” of hiring the right person first time and outline the 6 most common mistakes managers make when hiring new employees.

The purpose of this podcast show is to encourage you to systemise your hiring process. The selection of new employees is about legal discrimination. First we start with a large group of applicants and through a process of “hurdles” based on the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Mental ability and Experience (KSAMEs) needed for the job, we end up with what we hope is the right person for the job. From my experience, most hiring managers are doing just that, relying on “hope”.

If selecting a new employee is about discrimination, then it is imperative that we discriminate fairly. The way to ensure this is to systemise the hiring process so that all applicants get treated the same way. For example, all applicants are subjected to the same interview questions, same interview panel and the same psychometric assessments. This leads to better hiring decisions because the process has been standardised; in other words we are always comparing “apples with apples”.

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