5 Ways to Turn Your Hiring Process Into Measurable Analytics

December 13, 2016
5 Ways to Turn Your Hiring Process Into Measurable Analytics

This is an Infographic

I see two huge opportunities for HR Recruiters and Hiring Managers in 2017.

One is moving your reference checking online (see http://www.assess.co.nz/reference-checking ) and the other, analyzing data in the post-hiring period to measure hiring impact.

The latter is very rarely done and this leaves hiring managers unaccountable for bad hires. It is also a missed opportunity to collect and apply usable data for the next hiring round. You don’t have to be a Business Analyst to achieve this, thanks to technology.

Our new Chequed Assessment Platform solves this issue through smart technology. Now you can assess candidates against job specific competencies, conduct measurable and predictive reference checking, link managers into a structured interview AND measure the impact of the hiring process over several timelines, POST hiring. All via one platform and a few simple clicks!

Here is this week’s Infographic. It visually give you 5 key areas to measure and how to do that in a simple, inexpensive manner. Enjoy!